In the past, when we had to physically go to a company or school to make submissions for jobs, admissions and scholarships; we would be presented with different physical boxes labeled by category. And then you slot your documents into it and leave. It was simple and it worked well. Now there are all sorts of complex application forms that differ by each organization or school but all requiring the same information and then still need you to upload electronic copies of documents. This is mundane and repetitive.

Our electronic submission boxes are not any different from the concept of physical submission boxes; just that they are now electronic which makes them smarter in extracting information from the submitted document and more secure by ensuring a trail of accountability.

Electronic Submission boxes allow your applicants that only meet your defined requirements to easily submit their supporting documentation as part of your application process in a simple and effective way. It can be used as an additional way of receiving applications to increase the number of applicants you receive thereby increasing the quality and standard of your hires or intakes.

If you already have an online application system that allows applicants to directly upload their credentials, the use of our "Electronic Submission Boxes" will allow the applicant to pick from their "mycredentials storage box". This will give you peace of mind knowing that the credential submitted is valid and verified whilst saving you time and money. If you do not have an online application system, then you can use our common application service ensuring you get the same information in a cleaner, clearer, and more uniform manner.

Have you been receiving credentials in the past? in support of your previous applications who are now your past or current students or employees. Do you know where those credentials are stored? Are they all in one place? Can your colleague who should have access easily find them? Are they secure from tamper, loss, or damage? are they all verified?

If you have answered "No" to any - then we can help use our aggregation service to collate your credentials from different sources, tag and store them into a single and secure repository. If you don't have the credentials and need your current staff or employees to resubmit their credentials, then we will give you a "Credentials Resubmission" link allowing easy upload and submission into your dedicated repository

No one wants to receive treatment from an unqualified or fraudulent professional. - for example, a doctor or nurse - and that’s where comes in. We provide background checks which verify the professional documents of the individuals applying for a job, scholarship, admission or grant. We check and confirm the provided information with the associated Issuing Authority (such as a university, previous employer, licensing body), thus ensuring the accuracy and integrity of an applicant’s identity and professional credentials. lets receivers gain online access to credentials data that minimize workload related to the verification of student qualifications

The primary purpose of this solution is to vet foreign gained credentials for comparison, genuineness, and correctness.  The evaluation service covers and answers these key questions:

  1. Is the awarding institution authorized in their country
  2. Is the awarding institution authorized to issue the specific course degree
  3. Is the information on the credential authentic and valid
  4. Is the foreign degree comparable to what obtains in Nigeria

Merging the evaluated credentials into our storage provides the opportunity to incorporate primary-source verification—the highest standard in credentials verification and the best protection against fraudulent credentials—into the evaluation of their applicants’ credentials