The Academic Credentials Depository is a ring-fenced part of that securely stores credentials that have been digitized, verified and uploaded directly by the issuing institution thereby making them available for opportunity matching and receiver access. The mycredentials online credentials depository not only ensures authenticity and safe storage of credentials but also them to be matched to opportunities such as admissions, jobs and scholarships.

If you have student records or paper credentials lying fallow in a hard drive, file room or under the table - why not convert your credential records into digital versions and securely store them in our digital credentials storage facility to allow your students and learners to have access to opportunities beyond learning. Your old and current records, whether they are paper and digital credentials - training certificates, professional membership certificates, degree certificates, and all the credentials types we cover can be digitized, tagged, and matched to holder details.

The academic credentials depository allows training and education providers to support their students and learners throughout their education and beyond.

A paper certificate is a beautiful work of art and a time-honored symbol of a learner's accomplishment. Unfortunately, today’s modern age students who have earned their qualification through years of study require digital versions of their academic credentials for ease of handling.

We give institutions, schools, and associations the technology and associated services to help produce the exact electronic version of their paper certificate, secured with a tamper-evident digital signature and giving student 24/7 access to share it on social media from anywhere or distribute to any corporate bodies who may need to perform real-time verification.

Smart Electronic Certificates for Nigeria makes it easier for your graduates and trainees to join the job market and facilitates access to other further studies.