With the Credential Self Storage service, anyone who holds an academic or related credential can upload electronic copies of their credentials onto our secure storage electronic vault. Self-upload can be done by registering and then uploading your credentials from your existing storage locations into your mycredentials.ng storage. Credential holders can store over 50 different types of credentials which can be viewed by clicking the top menu "Storage Boxes".

To ensure quality and consistency in our approach, credentials that are self uploaded are reviewed and marked as "unverified" and will be subject to primary source verification where requested by the receiver.

With the Credentials Box Mail, credentials holders will be given a dedicated email address that is linked to their profile and to is used for receiving credentials directly into your storage boxes. All attachments sent into your credentials box mail will automatically be uploaded and attached to your profile. Similar when you share credentials stored within your profile, they will be delivered using your credentials box mail.

So rather than receiving paper copies of your credentials from issuers or receiving them as emails into your inbox; you can now give issuers your personalized mycredentials.ng mailbox or upload link which will automatically store the credential against your profile. Credentials that are sent directly by issuers into your credentials box are considered verified at source and marked as such.

An example of a Credentials Box Mail is "Box1@mycredentials.ng". You can get a personalized credential box mail by choosing whatever number you want to be appended to the box.

The Credentials Self Verification service is where you take control of your credentials and have them independently verified and directly with the issuing institution, licensing authorities, and bodies worldwide. The outcome of the verification is then attached to your credentials as evidence and stored against your profile. Business partners and receivers who then require only verified candidates can receive knowing that the credentials have been verified saving valuable time and money in the recruitment process.

Verify your credentials and gain an advantage in today’s competitive job and admissions market.

Have you earned any credentials that are lying fallow or you don't know where they are? You may have attended a training course, passed an exam or even received an award, you know the organization but don't have the credential - we can help by using the tracing and collection service.

Subscribing to our Credentials Tracing & Collection service allows us to carry out some research by contacting the organisation and liaising with them to either re-issue your credential or provide a statement regarding the credential. We will then use upload the credentials we collect onto your storage profile to ensure a complete view of your history.

Completing an application form can be the only barrier between you and your dream opportunity - job, school, or getting that scholarship.

Completing application forms like admission application forms, for example, can often be several pages long and full of questions and instructions thereby making it difficult to complete. Moreso, most applications require the submission of credentials alongside as supporting documentation.

Because you have your credentials stored with us, we will use this information and that filled in your common application profile to automatically complete the required fields on listed application forms saving you loads of time from repeating forms completion.